Jacqueline Adams

Jacqueline Adams

Primary Assistant
Jacqueline Adams has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from UT and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Towson University, Maryland.  She worked as an analyst for several years before she discovered Montessori with her first child. Jacquie joins us a Montessori teacher intern and is completing the Early Childhood certification with the Center for Guided Montessori Studies. She has a five year old son who now attends St. Paul’s. Her favorite pastimes are reading, cooking and spending time with her family.

School Administration and Staff

Jennifer Davey

Head of School

Casey Weed

Development Director


Kathy Kelly

Music Teacher

Kate Terrell

Art Teacher

Jan Walker

Language Therapist

Upper Elementary

Jane Laven

Upper Elementary Guide

Lower Elementary

Blanca Bird

Lower Elementary Guide

Marsha Morrison

Lower Elementary Assistant


Kristin Garcia

Primary Guide

Jacquie Adams

Primary Assistant

Norma Olmedo

Primary Guide

Cecilia Cifuentes

Assistant Guide

Jenny deBruyn

Primary Guide
Alissa Smith - St. Paul's Montessori School

Alissa Smith

Primary Assistant


Renee Mijangos

Toddler Guide

Beatrice Hinojosa

Toddler Guide

Amanda Cazares

Toddler Guide
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