Kristine Cantu

Kristine Cantu

Primary Assistant

Kristine earned her Bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas Pan American in 2012 and, currently, is in her second year of her Master’s Program in Art Therapy and Counseling at Saint Mart of-the-Woods Indiana. Her goal is to become a Licensed Professional Counselor/Art Therapist that works with the military and their families as they transition back to civilian life. Until then, she plans to continue her career in education to gain a better understanding of the younger generation’s creativity through art.


School Administration and Staff

Jennifer Davey

Head of School

Eric Ryniker

Business Administrator

Casey Weed

Development Director


Kathy Kelly

Music Teacher

Kate Terrell

Art Teacher

Jan Walker

Language Therapist

Caroline Melcher

Primary Music

Lou Taylor

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Upper Elementary

Jane Laven

Upper Elementary Guide

Lower Elementary

Blanca Bird

Lower Elementary Guide

Marsha Morrison

Lower Elementary Assistant


Kristin Garcia

Primary Guide

Izabella Monzon

Primary Assistant

Norma Olmedo

Primary Guide

Cecilia Cifuentes

Primary Assistant
Alissa Smith - St. Paul's Montessori School

Alissa Smith

Primary Guide

Maggie Morningstar-Harris

Primary Assistant


Renee Mijangos

Toddler Guide

Marina Monzon

Toddler Assistant

Amanda Cazares

Toddler Guide

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