The Montessori Difference


St. Paul’s Episcopal Montessori School is a ministry and outreach of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, a historic downtown parish founded in 1883.  Since 1893 when Texas Military Institute was established across the street and the parish rector was its chaplain, St. Paul’s Church has actively participated in educating children within a Christian environment.  The establishment of St. Paul’s School in 2005 represents the parish’s most recent commitment to the preparation of young people for active roles as successful students and informed, ethical participants in the faith traditions of their own families as well as the civic life of our community and the world.

Montessori—Emphasis on cognitive structures and social development

Traditional—Emphasis on rote knowledge and social development

Montessori—Teacher has unobtrusive role in the classroom activities; child is an active participant in learning

Traditional—Teacher has a dominant, active role in classroom activity, child is a passive participant in learning

Montessori—Environment and method encourage internal self discipline

Traditional—Teacher acts as primary enforcer of external discipline

Montessori—Instruction, both individual and group, adapts to each student’s learning style

Traditional—Instruction, both individual and group, conforms to the adult’s teaching style

Montessori—Mixed age grouping

Traditional—Same age grouping

Montessori—Children are encouraged to teach, collaborate, and help each other

Traditional– Most teaching is done by the teacher and collaboration is discouraged

Montessori— Child chooses own work from interests and abilities

Traditional—Curriculum structured for child with little regard for children’s interests

Montessori—Child sets own learning pace to internalize information

Traditional—Instruction pace usually set by group norm or teacher

Montessori—Multi-sensory materials for physical exploration

Traditional—Fewer materials for sensory development and concrete manipulation

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