Atomic Science Fair 2020

Atomic Science Fair 2020

St. Paul’s students from age 5-12 participated in our annual Science and Research Fair Friday, February 21st.

Our students prepared for the fair by choosing a topic of interest, researching or experimenting at school and home, and writing about what they found. Students created posters and practiced their presentations by explaining their work to classmates.

Projects ranged from kittens and butterflies to snakes, research exploring NASA, World War II and Rosa Parks. Students did experiments to find out Why cats purr? Why cats go outside and inside? How hybrid vs. combustion engines function? And things work like volcanoes, tornadoes and the water cycle.

Our “Experts” included parents and friends of St. Paul’s who were researchers at SWRI, medical doctors, engineers, therapists, financial specialists and educators. Many shared how impressed they were with the students’ work, the children’s curiosity and powers of observation.

One of our experts shared, “It was great seeing their excitement and being able to share some of my thoughts with them. They all did great and I really respected the fact that most of the projects were student done. It’s not about having the best project as it is learning from the experience. If I can give just one student the confidence to follow their passion in science then my time was well spent.”

We are grateful to all our students, parents and experts who support this annual event.