A Poem for a Pandemic

All across the world right now People are feeling what you feel Love one another With anxiety for the future And worry for their loved ones Love one another With boredom and cabin fever Which grows deeper as time grows longer Love one another With dismay at empty shelves Empty streets and empty shops Love […]

Atomic Science Fair 2020

Atomic Science Fair 2020 St. Paul’s students from age 5-12 participated in our annual Science and Research Fair Friday, February 21st. Our students prepared for the fair by choosing a topic of interest, researching or experimenting at school and home, and writing about what they found. Students created posters and practiced their presentations by explaining […]

Setting Boundaries

Boundaries are more important than you may realize. Here’s how to establish limits that will help your children succeed. We love our kids, but parenting them is a complex and often confusing task! To simplify things, it’s helpful to understand that we can reduce the job of parenting to one guiding principle: to equip our […]

Virtue – Courage

As we continue our study of virtues January is a great month to focus on courage. Courage is a big virtue – with physical, moral, intellectual, and civic dimensions. At each program level we address different dimensions of courage, but at all levels we stress that courage is not being “unafraid”; it is moving beyond […]

Discussing the Weather!

This month in Primary 2, we are focusing on the weather.  We began with looking at the  differences between hot and cold weather, and identify clothing that would be appropriate in each of these extremes. We have learned about thermometers and how they indicate what the temperature is and how it is measured in degrees. Children […]

The Feast of Epiphany!

In chapel this week we celebrated the feast of Epiphany! (January 6).This is the end of the Christmas season; when we celebrate the arrival of the visitors from the East who came to pay homage to the King of Kings. This is a reminder that the birth of Jesus is not a “local” event”–the movement […]

Advent with Children

As Christians, we celebrate the arrival of a new liturgical year differently. The new year that begins on the first Sunday of Advent usually occurs around the beginning of December or the end of November. There is a quiet start to this new year. In the Scripture readings for the four Sundays of Advent, we […]

Stop Trying to Raise Successful Kids

Stop Trying to Raise Successful Kids ( and start raising kind ones)by Adam Grant and Allison Sweet Grant in the December 2019 The Atlantic captures so many fine points in raising kids and ties in so well with our virtues program. Here is the powerful opening paragraph: “As anyone who has been called out for […]