Tracing the Path to Writing

Tracing is an activity that occurs in many areas of the Montessori classroom. As children enjoy and practice this skill, their fine motor movements are strengthened and refined. It also gives children the opportunity to practice proper pencil grip with repetition. Through tracing, they can focus on grip alone, without additional thought dedicated to letter […]

Having a heART for art

One of the many things that makes St. Paul’s a unique community is our dedication to providing financial aid so that any student can attend, regardless of a family’s ability to cover tuition. We dedicate almost $100,000 each year in need-based scholarships to ensure that the school remains a diverse and welcoming community. We are […]

Exploring the World with Toddlers

“Let the children be free; encourage them; let them run outside when it is raining; let them remove their shoes when they find a puddle of water; and when the grass of the meadows is wet with dew, let them run on it and trample it with their bare feet; let them rest peacefully when […]

Big Brain Science Fair

The 2019 Science Fair was another fantastic affair, with over 30 projects ranging from research into flightless birds to the study of  the physics of quicksand to experiments on plant growth. All Upper and Lower Elementary students participated, as well as some kindergartners. Students had the opportunity to present their projects to a body of […]

St. Paul’s Alumni are Making a Difference

While the Montessori method and the Episcopal tradition fit together in many ways, one of the most perfect dovetails is the dedication of both to acts of service. We spend a great deal of time, both in and out of the classroom, performing acts of service for others and developing our community as one that […]

Writing Development in the Montessori Classroom

The Montessori curriculum naturally supports the development of the whole child.  This means that a child’s needs for intellectual, social, and emotional development are all equally important, and attended to with equal energy.  Many kindergarten and pre-kindergarten classrooms are heavily weighted to take care of a child’s academic development in order to prepare them for […]

Heifer International

On Friday, our Elementary students enjoyed a presentation from Heifer International about the purpose of the St. Paul’s coin drive. Each year, instead of traditional Valentine’s celebrations, students collect change to support an organization that improves the lives of those who need it most. This year, we have chosen to support Heifer International, whose mission […]

Don’t Mess with Texas

Students have been hard at work in art class making posters for the “Take Care of Texas” Art Contest! K-5 students are asked to submit a unique piece of artwork portraying positive ways to take care of Texas, all while learning about ways to protect the environment and conserve our state’s natural resources. 16 winners […]

Nurturing the Spirit of the Child

How would you describe your child’s spirit? You might find that a tough question to answer. What do we mean by “spirit,” really? I like this definition by Mechele Pruitt, Director of Parents Place “Spirit is the type of energy we bring: whether to a room, a conversation, our work, a musical instrument, or other […]

Creating Care in the Classroom

This month in Primary 2, we are learning about the importance of caring for our world. We are sharing what we know and are learning about other ways to help keep it clean and beautiful. The children have learned how to help keep our indoor environment clean and beautiful. Even though it’s a continual learning […]