Discussing the Weather!

This month in Primary 2, we are focusing on the weather.  We began with looking at the  differences between hot and cold weather, and identify clothing that would be appropriate in each of these extremes.

We have learned about thermometers and how they indicate what the temperature is and how it is measured in degrees.

Children have created a graph that covers our record lows and highs for the month of January here in San Antonio.

The thermometer is outside our classroom so we can check it daily.  Students are learning how to record the daily temperatures in a graph.

The children are able to visually see how much our San Antonio weather fluctuates.   We have identified the different weather we experience here in our city; rain, wind, sun, clouds, even severe weather like thunderstorms and tornadoes.  We have learned more about the importance of our Severe Weather Drills.  Children have been busy making their own weather indicators to take home.  This is a fun unit!