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Discussing the Weather!

This month in Primary 2, we are focusing on the weather.  We began with looking at the  differences between hot and cold weather, and identify clothing that would be appropriate in each of these extremes. We have learned about thermometers and how they indicate what the temperature is and how it is measured in degrees. Children […]

The Feast of Epiphany!

In chapel this week we celebrated the feast of Epiphany! (January 6).This is the end of the Christmas season; when we celebrate the arrival of the visitors from the East who came to pay homage to the King of Kings. This is a reminder that the birth of Jesus is not a “local” event”–the movement […]

Stop Trying to Raise Successful Kids

Stop Trying to Raise Successful Kids ( and start raising kind ones)by Adam Grant and Allison Sweet Grant in the December 2019 The Atlantic captures so many fine points in raising kids and ties in so well with our virtues program. Here is the powerful opening paragraph: “As anyone who has been called out for […]

Self Construction in the Elementary Child

Construction is the coming into being of what was not there before. Self-construction is the building up of the human personality through purposeful activity with materials in an environment. This construction is individual, yet takes place in a social context. As humans, we all undergo this self-construction, developing our personalities based on the experiences we […]

Camp Capers Trip

Every year, the students of the Upper Elementary community go off to Camp Capers for a couple of days. All year they have been reminiscing about funny moments and memories from the Capers trip they took the year before, which was my first clue as to how much this event meant to them as a […]

The Art & Science of Being Happy

Altruism, awe, compassion, connection, empathy, forgiveness, gratitude, happiness, mindfulness, social connection, these are all keys to well-being. I’m an optimist; I try to always look at the brighter side of things, the silver lining. When things are bothering me about something or someone, I always try to put myself in that situation before blowing over. […]

Summer is Coming

It’s only April and temperatures are already on the rise, which means summer is coming! Have you decided how your family will be spending the hot summer months? From traveling to nature hikes to camps on every subject imaginable, there is no shortage of ways to spend the long days between when school lets out […]

Egyptian Exploration

Ancient Egypt invaded the Lower Elementary classroom during the month of March. We held St. Paul’s first ever “Day into Night” Cultural Exploration on March 29th to explore the life & times of Ancient Egypt. After reading the Boxcar Children and following their journey in figuring out how to meet their fundamental needs, we found […]

Oh, What a Night!

Thank you to everyone who helped make heART on the hill 2019 such a success!   With your help, we raised over $30,000 which will benefit our financial aid fund and make a Montessori education possible for families who might otherwise not be able to afford it. Thank you for helping us nurture mind, body, […]